Kim Kardashian's Skin-Tight Latex Dress Leaves Us Gasping for Air (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian

Good GAWD. She's worn some pretty tight-fitting outfits in the past (since that's kind of her thing and all), but just wait until you get a load of Kim Kardashian in a pink latex dress, because it's nothing short of amazing that she was able to breathe in it. She turned up in this frock for a party in Melbourne, Australia, to promote her newest fragrance, Fleur Fatale. I think you'll agree that seeing her in this dress kind of makes you want to put on an oxygen mask and inhale deeply over and over again. (Or at least change into a pair of sweatpants.)


Kim Kardashian

Like, WHOA.

Don't get me wrong, she looks all sorts of svelte and amazing and then some, but it's kind of hard to get over the snug-factor of this thing.

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I mean, how did she even eat anything that day before throwing this dress on? Again, it may look super hot, but she can't have been remotely comfortable, and she had to have been about ready to pass out at any given second.

Still, I'm sure she didn't mind being crammed into the garment, you know, given how many heads she turned on the red carpet. Hey, sometimes you have to sacrifice being able to take a deep breath in order to keep the crowd buzzing.

Do you think Kim looks hot in this dress?


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