Mama June Shannon Interview: 5 Bombshells She Dropped on Dr. Phil (VIDEO)

Mama JuneToday Dr. Phil grilled Mama June Shannon about her relationship with former boyfriend and convicted sex offender Mark McDaniel. Mama June essentially stuck to her story that she is not in a relationship with him, though unlike her original denial, she does admit that she met up with McDaniel twice, once "as a mistake" when they just exchanged hellos, and another time when Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon had questions for the man she once considered her father. Here are five bombshells Mama June dropped on Dr. Phil.


1. They only met twice. Mama June claims that the first time she ran into McDaniel after he got out of prison, she just "happened to see him" and it wasn't planned. The second time, it was because 14-year-old Pumpkin, who had known McDaniel as her father and/or father figure from the time she was a baby until she was 6 years old, wanted to get some closure with him. Pumpkin came on the show to verify this and seemed very regretful that her request to meet with McDaniel has blown their family and show to smithereens. "If I'd known it was going to blow up like this, I wouldn't have asked," she said. Mama June said the meeting took place in a public place.

2. The infamous bed photo is fake. Mama June insists the photo of her and McDaniel in a bed together is Photoshopped. She said she is pretty sure that the original photo of her is one Alana took of her in bed, and it was Photoshopped to a photo of Mark to make it look like they were hanging out in bed together. TMZ, which published the photo, says it did not doctor it.

Uncle Poodle will tell Dr. Phil tomorrow how the photo was taken while they were in bed at a motel together while on vacation in September. Meanwhile, Mama June admits the photo of her, McDaniel, and Alana on a staircase is real. As for why she would allow Alana around McDaniel at all, she said, "My kids are with me 24 hours a day. They don't go anywhere without me." Even to meet a sex offender? Dr. Phil demanded, smoke practically blasting out of his ears.

3. Relationship with Anna. Anna "Chickadee" has told media outlets that she feels betrayed by her mom meeting up with McDaniel and especially by the fact that June is always smiling and happy in the photos with him. June says she is "constantly apologizing" to Anna for meeting with him. She tells Dr. Phil that although she did not necessarily believe Anna when the charges first surfaced, she didn't know the details of what had happened until two and a half years ago, and now she believes her. Although you can despise the fact that June may have not believed Anna at first, McDaniel and June were together for quite a long time, and she'd never seen anything. You can definitely sympathize with her shock, at least.

4. Sugar Bear and Pumpkin believe Mama June. Both Sugar Bear and Pumpkin appeared on the show to support June. Sugar Bear says he has come to believe June's version of events and that he does not believe the two were ever in a relationship. (As for Sugar Bear, Mama June still says he cheated on her numerous times, and that's why they're not together and she is not in love with him anymore.) Pumpkin says that there is no way her mom had a relationship with McDaniel since she is with her all of the time.

5. TLC is taking care of them. Mama June says she bears no ill will toward the network and it is still paying for tutoring for the girls and putting money in trust funds for them. (As for Anna's accusation that Mama June stole the money out of her fund, Mama June denies it and says she has a cashier's check proving she sent Anna the money from the fund.) Mama June even sounded like she thought the main reason TLC dropped the show is because the kids were tired, not because she was seeing a sex offender. Erm, yeah, cause TV networks always prioritize tired kids over making money.

While I personally thought that Mama June came across as basically truthful and I started to buy her version of events, it was hard to hold on to that feeling when the show previewed tomorrow's interview with Uncle Poodle, who vehemently insists that June is lying and that she had a sexual relationship with McDaniel. If I'm this confused, I can only imagine how the kids are feeling!

As for Dr. Phil, he definitely doesn't believe a word she's saying.

It's unlikely that the interview will do much to redeem the formerly lovable redneck mama. Too much has happened for that!

Did you watch? Did you believe her?

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