Robert Pattinson Is Ready to Marry FKA Twigs Already

Robert PattinsonIt seems like Robert Pattinson and singer FKA Twigs just met a split second ago, but already RPattz is moving at warp speed and telling pals he will "marry the girl." Which would surely be awesome for Twigs' career, which is why I'm sure her publicists didn't plant this story, haha! (Wink wink.)


Sources say the couple are already living together and quite serious and Rob is even talking about marrying her -- though apparently there's that small issue of Rob still not being over Kristen Stewart. The source says:

Everyone knows he is still broken up over Kristen and I am sure that this girl is worried that she is a rebound.

Wait, what? So he's telling friends he's going to marry Twigs, whose real name is Taliah Barnett, but he's not over KStew? How does that work exactly? Sounds like a recipe for a disaster ... or a disastrous hairdo! Oh wait ...

Maybe he wants to make KStew jealous by getting married? Erm, yeah, that always works! I'm so confused!

Sources say that Rob has a tendency to "go overboard" and become "smothering" when he's in love and that he even gets so clingy that he has a tendency to "push girls away." Hmm. Maybe this is what happened with KStew, and why she cheated. Maybe she just felt she needed to break away from him for a little bit.

It's hard to believe that any girl could find Rob too clingy, isn't it? Most women would love to be smothered by this vampire.

But I'm sure Twihards would love to see him push Twigs away ... and stumble back into Kristen's arms!

Do you think he will marry Twigs?


Image via O'Neill/Todd G, PacificCoastNews

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