Kim Kardashian's Recent Meeting With Divorce Lawyer Isn't a Good Sign

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

They're certainly doing everything in their power to make us believe their marriage is nothing but blissful, but if that's the case, then why was Kim Kardashian spotted visiting her divorce lawyer last week? Oh yes. She paid her a visit, all right. Apparently she was caught red-handed trying to be super inconspicuous about heading to Laura Wasser's office, even going so far as to be taken up in a special elevator after driving into the building.


And while this is the same lawyer Kim used to kick Kris Humphries to the curb, it does seem a little strange for her to still be dealing with that divorce now that she's married to Kanye West, doesn't it?

According to MediaTakeOut, Kim could be planning to "hit Kanye with paperwork real quick," which should honestly surprise exactly no one.

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Amid rumors that she and Kanye are on the verge of a split, why the hell else would she be meeting with Laura unless she's getting ready to drop the bomb on him? If she really is planning on filing divorce papers, it would make sense for her to be super secretive about it, especially given the reports insisting that Kanye wants to take North and move to Paris with or without Kim's approval.

Think about it for a second. If you were worried about your husband running off with your child, wouldn't you want to consult an attorney and get the necessary paperwork in place ahead of time to make sure he couldn't carry out such a plan?

Maybe we're reading way too much into this, and Kim's meeting with Laura was nothing more than two old pals getting together for a chat or whatever. But if rumors about a rift with Kanye continue to persist, we might not want to hold our breath as far as their marriage lasting for the long haul goes.

Do you think Kim is planning to divorce Kanye?


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