Tori Spelling's Hospital Stay May Be the Reason Why She & Dean McDermott Split

Oh, for the love of God, can Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott just call it quits already? Never has such a toxic time bomb of a relationship kept on ticking for so very long. After learning that Tori had officially lost her mind by inviting Dean's mistress Emily Goodhard to join her on True Tori so she can get better ratings closure, we are now hearing that these two may not even make it that long. Rumor has it Tori and Dean are absolutely, definitely OVER -- but you are going to be shocked when you learn which incident proved to be the very last straw.


Tori and Dean have made it this far and have survived (though barely) through their embarrassing cheating scandal. Kudos to Tori for really trying to make it work because, lord knows, after you've raised four children together, you become a powerful duo and the last thing you want to do is dissolve that relationship without a fight.

But, guys, remember when Tori was hospitalized for Ebola-like symptoms and no one knew if she was having a nervous breakdown or what -- and then it turned out she was being treated for bronchitis? Well, consider that episode the ultimate husband test -- one Dean apparently failed. The 41-year-old is reportedly beyond hurt because her husband was looking for excuses to leave the hospital, was not attentive to her needs and refused to spend the night with her, choosing instead to return to their home.

Wait, she had bronchitis, right?? Granted, a bad case of it, I'm guessing, but she wasn't exactly on her death bed. Why on earth would Dean stay with her overnight when he could be home watching their four children?

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I hope I'm not being insensitive here, but Dean reportedly stuck by her sick side for hours during the day, brought her food and only left to make phone calls or escape her drama (okay, I said that, not him). I'm calling BS on this rumor. If they are barely on speaking terms, as we hear, I'm sure there are a billion other reasons for it -- or one, rather -- Dean cheated and instead of either choosing to forgive him and move on or just move on, Tori is addicted to the sadness and caught in the theatrics of the moment.

The longer they drag out their relationship, the more silly excuses they'll find for why they must split. In reality, the only reason why they should split is because they seem to be making each other miserable and their misery will inevitably affect their children.

What do you think of this latest excuse for why Tori and Dean may split for good? Do you think they should continue to work things out?


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