Jennifer Lawrence Pops Into 'SNL' & Sings Taylor Swift-Inspired Song (VIDEO)

Woody Harrelson hosted Saturday Night Live last night, which would have been enough because The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I star is goofy, funny, talented -- and underrated, in my opinion. But Woody got an amazing helping hand -- three, actually -- when costars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth crashed his opening monologue and helped him sing a super-cute and funny version of Taylor Swift's hit Blank Space.


So, Woody's big joke revolved around the fact that Taylor, though born at the tail end of 1989, certainly didn't know as much about the late '80s as Woody, who was riding high on the TV sitcom Cheers at the time and, in his own words, riding high on other things as well -- if you know what I mean.

After changing the lyrics to Blank Space to reflect the decadent and silly Me Decade he remembers, Josh and Liam pop in and remind the actor that they weren't even born in 1989. And then the moment the audience never expected: JLaw herself casually floats across the stage and is greeted by a reverent Woody, who bows at her feet and jokingly refers to her as the "real-life Taylor Swift."

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Jen proves -- for the millionth time -- that she has the best sense of humor in Hollywood and can hold her own against any veteran actor. She joins Woody and helps him sing his little diddly and the result is totally adorable. Check out the opening monologue:

Did you watch last night's SNL? What did you think of Jennifer Lawrence's appearance in the opening monologue?


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