Jennifer Lawrence Proves She's Likeable Once Again When She Saves Another Actor's Dog

jennifer lawrenceMaybe some of us have been a bit harsh on Jennifer Lawrence after the breakup with Chris Martin. How can we blame a 24-year-old rising star to want to be with an old fogey with kids? (Disclaimer: I really do not really believe the old fogey part.) But that's what the young ones say today and so Gwyneth's ex and J. Law were no more. Maybe she faced a few snarls though I'm fairly certain Gwynnie was really happy of their demise. And in case you were on the "do not like Jennifer Lawrence" train, it's time to step off. The Hunger Games star went and saved a dog in distress. And it's not just any pup -- it's a celebrity dog!


Katherine Heigl's dog to be exact! The story goes that Katherine was in her hotel room getting all gussied up for whatever it is she's pimping these days and she had her entourage of dogs with her. And one of the little furries named Gertie somehow escaped her room.

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Jennifer Lawrence just so happened to be staying int he same NYC hotel and spotted a dog on the loose in the hallway. Katherine told People:

I had to use the facilities, so I went to my mom's room because a lot of people were in my room. [Gertie] gets really upset and nervous if she can't see me or hear me. So she must have snuck out of my room.

We heard this voice from the hallway, 'Whose dog is this? Somebody lost their dog!' So my mom goes out and it's Jennifer Lawrence who has my dog.

Awww J. Law! She cares. She really, really cares about people and pets -- just not about being in a relationship with Chris Martin anymore. Apparently Katherine didn't get to meet Jennifer even though she's a huge fan because the whole thing happened so fast.

Thank you Jennifer for being so loveable! I hope if I ever lose my dog, you're around to save him, too.

Do you love J. Law even more now?


Image via Jennifer Lawrence/Instagram

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