Taylor Swift's Booty Gets Dissed By DJ & Lorde Comes to Her Defense

If you're going to mess with Taylor Swift, you'd better understand she has a loyal female army of friends behind her who will not let you get away with it. As far as scary-friends-you'd-like-to-have-in-your-corner go, Lorde is right up there. After DJ and producer Diplo tweeted something jerky about Taylor's booty in the wake of the Kim Kardashian Butt-a-palooza that was this entire week, Lorde turned the tables on him in a big way.


Diplo tweeted the following to his 1.3 million followers:

Someone figured this would be a chance to make a name for himself (although what kind of a name he made for himself is up for debate) by creating an actual fundraising page to get Taylor a plastic butt. Granted, no one is taking this seriously and the 120 supporters who visited the page have only donated $85 -- every cent of which I hope this guy donates to a good cause. But the point is: this is totally assinine, Mean Girls behavior that Lorde, for one, wasn't going to keep silent about.

Here was Lorde's scathing response:

I don't usually condone giving someone even more attention for their idiotic remarks, but Lorde hit the nail on the head with her response. Poking fun at a woman for not having a body part that you deem adequate is not okay and is equally as hurtful and crippling as calling out a man for having a small penis.

First of all, a man who is secure in himself and who respects women wouldn't be caught dead tweeting something hurtful like that. The kind of person who tweets things like that also probably doesn't care very much that he is being called out for his tweet. But that isn't the point. Lorde has the right idea here: more women should stand up for other women when they see that they are being body shamed. No woman should stand for it -- whether she's the victim or not.

What do you think of Lorde's response to the insult against Taylor?


Image via Larry Busacca/Getty Images


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