Tori Spelling Betrays Dean McDermott in a Way That Should Make Him Leave

Tori SpellingIs Tori Spelling officially off her rocker? Tori obviously has few boundaries, if any, with what she will share with an audience. Her docuseries, True Tori, has been ruthless about laying out all her marriage's faults for the cameras. And this season has gotten even more boundary-busting as Tori not only had a tete-a-tete with Dean's first wife on camera, but a reunion with her first husband, the one she cheated on, off camera. Rumor has it that Dean has quit the show, and the question is only why he's appeared on it for this long. But finally Tori seems to have gone too far. She invited the one person who Dean would most definitely NOT want to see ... and you wonder why Tori wants to see her too. She invited ... Dean's mistress!


Yes, the woman Dean cheated with in Toronto -- the woman who is the main reason True Tori even exists, Emily Goodhand -- was reportedly invited to do an episode. I mean, whaaaa???

RadarOnline reports that producers quietly approached Emily behind the scenes and asked her to appear on the show. Dean somehow figured out what was going on and was not too happy. He went to Tori to complain about it, and supposedly at first she denied she knew anything about it. But then she finally admitted that she may have "casually" mentioned to the producers that it would be good to bring Emily on the show to "bring closure."

And you thought she didn't exist!

Dean rightfully "became so angry that filming for the day had to be canceled because he refused to participate." Erm, yeah.

Look, it's not like Dean had a right to cheat or anything, and he's a complete ass for doing so -- but at this point the man has basically paid his dues. He's appeared for two seasons on a show that has done nothing but make him look like a complete ass.

Plus, while Emily Goodhand has obviously destroyed Tori, you can be sure Dean hardly remembers her. She could have been anyone. It would be silly to bring her on for closure. What is she gonna say? "Yeah, I got a bit drunk and slept with your husband, sorry"?

The worst thing is that Tori didn't ask Dean about this first. What was she going to do? Surprise him with her? Look, honey, Emily Goodhand stopped by! We're just having some tea. Care to join?

Of course, it would prove to everyone she actually existed if she did show up -- but guess what? Reportedly, she refused to come on. Which makes you wonder if she does exist after all.

I confess I would have totally watched this episode, but I'm pathetic like that.

Anyone else starting to feel sorry for Dean?

Do you think she had a right to invite her?


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