Kristen Stewart Suffers Nip Slip In Front of Robert Pattinson (PHOTO)

We can think of a million things we wouldn't want to have happen while we're standing in front of our hot exes -- and what happened to Kristen Stewart at last night's Hollywood Film Awards is probably #5 or #6 on the list. The 24-year-old Still Alice actress suffered a wardrobe malfunction in the form of a nip slip while presenting an award to costar Julianne Moore. Unbeknownst to her, her sleeveless mesh crop top dipped a little too low while she was on stage, exposing more of her chest than we're guessing she would have liked. And, of course, who was in the audience at the time? Ex Robert Pattinson, in all his triangle-shaved head glory.


So, the thing is, Kristen's silver and cream cocktail dress wasn't even what you'd call risqué . It featured a halter top that, while mesh, wasn't, you know, a Rihanna-mesh dress that showed off everything under the sun. A piece of nude fabric appeared to be sewn under it in order to hide her breasts. But the slip slipped -- which became apparent when she leaned forward to say something to Moore:

Now, if this was 15 years ago, Kristen likely would have gotten away with this minor accident because it is a pretty subtle nip slip. I mean, you really have to look to even see anything. But in this day and age, with constant media scrutiny? Forget it.

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Knowing what we know about Kristen and her attitude toward such things, I'm betting she brushed this off with a laugh and not a second thought. And, while it might ordinarily be embarrassing to have something like this happen in front of your ex -- when you probably just want to get through the night and put your best foot forward -- you just can't help but think: eh, he's seen her nipples before. I'm going to bet Rob has not been scarred from seeing them again.

Do you think Kristen is embarrassed that she suffered a wardrobe malfunction in front of Rob?


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