Amanda Bynes Caught on Tape Making Shocking Threats Against Parents (LISTEN)

Amanda BynesAmanda Bynes has been out of psychiatric hold for a few weeks now, but things still aren't going well. She was photographed supposedly crashing in a Los Angeles mall because she can't afford a place to live, and now things have taken a turn for the deranged. One of her LA roommates reportedly secretly recorded her on one of her rants, and it's pretty shocking. In it, she says she wants to murder her dad.


In the tape, apparently recorded while in a car, Amanda says a bunch of horrible things about her parents, including that she wants to put her father "in a ditch" but she "can't decide how to murder him" but then says she has a "war wound on her face" and "doesn't believe in murder." Well, erm, that's comforting.

Take a listen:

Amanda has already made her feelings about her dad known when she accused him on Twitter of molesting her, but that time she quickly recanted and blamed it on the "microchip" in her head.

It's hard to tell if this is Amanda's illness speaking, or if she really does harbor this kind of hate for her parents. They control her money, which she mentions, and she's obviously not too happy about that.

Given what she says about her parents, it's no wonder they are reportedly moving to Texas to get away from her. She says on the tape she has threatened them in the past too, but then also says she'd never do anything she is threatening. But they must be scared anyway.

TMZ says that members of the family wanted the tape to be published so that medical professionals can intervene. This is so sad. Obviously Amanda still needs a lot of help. I'm not sure secretly recording her is the proper way to go about this, but it seems like nothing else is working.

Hopefully she will get some more help.


Image via amandabynesfashion/Instagram

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