Johnny Depp Slurs & Stumbles While Giving Hollywood Awards Speech (VIDEO)

Has Johnny Depp morphed into Jack Sparrow? Judging by the awkward and offbeat speech he gave at last night's Hollywood Film Awards, the answer is f*** yes. The 51-year-old stunned the audience and had everyone on Twitter talking when he stumbled, slurred and cursed his way through a speech while presenting the documentary award for Mike Myers' new film Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon. Was Johnny drunk? Does he just not give a damn anymore? Everyone wants to know the story behind his nutso speech.


Johnny was selected to present an award to legendary talent agent Shep Gordon, and it's a good thing the honoree has a sense of humor and small ego because all anyone could talk about afterward was how the actor seemed "wasted" while delivering his words.

After confessing that he wasn't "very good at this kind of thing," Johnny fumbled his words, wouldn't read a prepared speech on the teleprompter, and blurted out, "F***, it's one of those nights."

Luckily, he managed to say a few nice things about Gordon, how he considers him a "great friend," yada, yada -- but by that point, all anyone could focus on was the fact that he could barely stand up straight and speak in human words.

Folks immediately began tweeting about Johnny being "drunk" and even celebs added their two cents about the speech. My personal fave is Rob Lowe's response:

I admit, Johnny seems a little old for this sort of "rock 'n' roll" behavior, but do we not expect him to be eccentric? That's what makes him Johnny Depp and not George Clooney. Anyway, check it out and judge for yourself:

Did Johnny Depp go too far with his rambling speech or is he just being his eccentric self?


Image via Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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