Solange Knowles & Alan Ferguson Tie the Knot With Beyonce & Jay Z in Attendance

Solange Knowles, Alan FergusonBeyonce's little sister is officially hitched, after tying the knot Saturday, November 15, to her long time love. Solange Knowles and Alan Ferguson got married in New Orleans in an intimate ceremony attended by about 50 loved ones, included Bey, Jay Z, and Blue Ivy.


The couple married in a church in NoLa, where they've made their home together for the last several months after relocating from Brooklyn. Their guests sported various shades of white, including Jay Z, who wore a white suit. Sounds like a true New Orleans style wedding!

So I guess whatever tension happened between Jay Z and Solange in that elevator attack at the Met Gala has dissipated.

During the pre-wedding festivities on Friday night, Solange and Alan were spotted riding bicycles together, and later holding hands while walking toward the Indywood Cinema, where guests reportedly watched Mahogany, starring Diana Ross.

Alan Ferguson is a popular music video director who has worked not only with Solange, Beyonce, and Jay Z, but also Katy Perry, Fall Out Boy, Gym Class Heroes, and Nelly Fertado.

The couple included her son Julez, from a previous marriage to Daniel Smith, in the ceremony. Last March, Solange told Harper's Bazaar that having been married and divorced with a kid by her early 20s caused her to gain wisdom that most women don't gt until much older.

"In a lot of ways, emotionally and mentally, I feel far older than 27. Just going through a marriage and a divorce -- which I essentially did by 21 -- will give you an insane amount of perspective on life," she confessed.

"Everyone talks about how, in your 30s, all of these growing pains transition into wisdom and you feel more self-assured and confident. But I think I had a bit of a jump-start on that at 27."

Even though being happy has apparently affected her song-writing ability. She admitted, "Luckily, I dated all of the losers ages ago. My love life has been stable for a while. It's a f--ked up thing -- without conflict it's a lot harder to write interesting songs."

What do you think about an all white wedding?


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