Taylor Swift Reveals the 'Heartbreaking' Reason She Gave Up on Men

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift's dating life used to remind us of the flavor of the month club, but after ending it with Harry Styles in January 2013, she hasn't added a single new name to her long list of ex-boyfriends. Or, as far as we know, even gone on any dates. In a recent interview with Us Weekly, the "Blank Space" singer explained why she's given up on men.


The 24-year-old revealed that she gave up on men because she was heartbroken. I mean, that's understandable. You can only have so many failed relationships before you just give up on love altogether and try to figure out what single life looks like, right?

Er, except, it wasn't the guys themselves that left poor Tay Tay in emotional despair -- it was the media focus on her love life instead of her music.

"It broke my heart!" the 1989 singer admitted. "I was selling out stadiums and it was all people talked about."

It seems to have worked. Swift's fifth studio album, 1989, sold 1.28 million copies in the first week alone. It's been at number one on the Billboard 200 for two weeks, and will likely remain there at least a third, if not longer.

"Now people talk less about the things that don't matter," she gloated admitted demurely.

She also dished on the stories behind some of the tracks on the album, including "All You Had to Do Was Stay," which she says wasn't inspired by a real-life relationship, but by a dream. "I was trying to talk to someone important," she said. "And that's all that would come out of my mouth. I woke up so weirded out!"

And "How You Get the Girl" is "totally" an instruction manual for men. "It's written for a guy who has broken up with his girlfriend, then wants her back after six months ... but it's not going to be as simple as sending a text like, 'Sup? Miss you.'" She added, "That won't work. You need to do all the things I say."

Good for Taylor for focusing on herself and her work instead of trying to maintain a tumultuous love life! We just hope she has something to write about for her next album, should this no dating streak continue.

Do you think Taylor really stopped dating so people would stop talking about her relationships?


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