Heidi Montag Posts Her Ovulation Test Online & the World Cringes

Heidi MontagHeidi Montag desperately wants to get pregnant -- so she went out and bought an ovulation kit. And I don't know this because Heidi and I are close pals and she told me over a Bloody Mary-filled brunch. Ha! Of course not. That's not the way things are done nowadays. Heidi let everyone know what's going on with her ovaries because she posted her ovulation test to Instagram.


Just in case you think I'm kidding, here it is:

Yep. See? Not a joke.

So just in case Spencer had no idea Heidi was trying to get preggo -- surprise, Spencer!!!

The wild child of The Hills has made it pretty clear to his wife of five years that he's not exactly daddy material. Last year, he told Hollywood Life:

I don't think either of us have real careers. I look at families and the world and providing -- right now we don't have to worry about it. But to add on how to afford kids to go to private school, to have clothes, to go to college ... I have no concept of how any of that stuff is possible!

But Heidi ain't listening! Honestly, I can't say I blame her. She has pretty much gotten her own way with Spencer all these years by just ignoring his bleatings and doing what she wants to do -- and he eventually goes along with it.

I personally wouldn't want to bring a kid into the world unless the dad was 100 percent on board with it too, but then I guess it would be a much less populated planet.

Besides, Spencer is quite aware of Heidi's baby fever and he hasn't divorced her yet -- so he must be a bit more (baby) on board than he's willing to admit.

Since it's getting down to Heidi being THIS demanding about it, it will be interesting to see how these two kids do in the next few months. These ovulation kits will either make them or break them.

There's always wrapping it up, Spence. But make sure you check for tiny little pin pricks!

Do you think Spencer will agree to have a baby?


Image via HeidiPratt/Instagram

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