Robert Pattinson Finally Reveals His New Hairdo & Oh My God

Robert PattinsonYou've heard that expression business upfront and a party in the back? Well, Robert Pattinson's new hairdo is more like floppy hipster upfront, total weirdo in back. Because Rob has finally taken off his hat and revealed his shaved head to the masses -- and it's totally bizarre. Rob has a landing strip on his scalp! Check it out:


No one knows if Rob did this to his hair because of an upcoming role (maybe he plays a boy bander skinhead?) or if he's just, ya know, lost his mind. Others are blaming it on his new girlfriend, singer FKA Twigs, who has her own quirky style that pushes the envelope.

But I say, hey, Rob is probably trying to shake off years of being known as Edward Cullen -- and Kristen Stewart's boyfriend. For years, the man couldn't do anything drastic to his looks. You can bet that while filming four Twilight movies back to back, he would have been in a heap of trouble if he'd suddenly dyed his hair pink or put in a nose ring.

Besides, Rob has always had a thing for bizarre styles. Remember that time he shaved the right side of his head? Bet you forgot that. Check out some of his more jaw-dropping 'dos here:

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With this latest style, you really get the feeling Rob is fumbling around for a new identity. And this one just happens to have a soul patch on the back of his head. He's shaking off too much time being a teenybopper idol. He's a grown man. A grown man with a landing strip on his pate.

Do you like his new look?

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