Glorious Benedict Cumberbatch Nails 11 Impressions in 1 Minute (VIDEO)

benedict cumberbatch impressionsThere's just something about Benedict Cumberbatch, isn't there? Not your typical-looking Hollywood hunk, but he's super damn sexy in his own right. Must be the eyes. Or the voice. Or the hair. Or the fact that he's extremely talented. Need proof? Look no further than this video of Cumberbatch doing 11 celebrity impressions in just 1 minute. From Tom Hiddleston to Jack Nicholson to, yes, Taylor Swift, he nails them all.


Yes, it is a literal imitation game in order to promote his new film, which looks awesome, by the way, conveniently called The Imitation Game. Seriously, it sucks that this challenge lasted only one minute. It probably could have gone on for a full hour and we'd still tune in to watch this charming, quick-thinking Brit do this thing.

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The highlight of your week, isn't it? Just me? Well, watch the awesomeness anyway:

It would probably take most people an entire minute to pull their memory together to actually remember what these famous folks sound like. Cumberbatch's lightning quick responses to each of them just go to show how wonderful and amazing and hilarious and god-like he really is. He could give Swift a run for her money, couldn't he? Well, okay, it wasn't that good, but at least give him points for being incredibly charming.

The film, which is about computer scientist Alan Turing who is able to break top secret code during World War II, is already getting rave early reviews. It's set to premiere in the United States on November 28, 2014. What better way to work off that turkey hangover than by getting your dreamy fill of Benedict Cumberbatch! Right? Right. Can't wait to see it!

Which impression of his is your favorite? His Alan Rickman was spot on, wasn't it?


Image via MTV/YouTube

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