Ryan Gosling Obtains Restraining Order Against 'Twin Flame' Stalker

Ryan GoslingIt's hard to meet a female these days in America (and many other part of the world, I'm sure) that isn't a fan of Ryan Gosling's. We love the "Hey Girl" memes, we'll never not see him as Noah from The Notebook, and we all wept a little with jealousy when Eva Mendes had his baby this summer. That being said, taking things to a stalker level worthy of a restraining order is something else entirely.


According to documents obtained by TMZ, the 34-year-old heartthrob has obtained a restraining order against a woman named Grace Marie Del Villar, who has been stalking the actor for at least three months.

She apparently believes she's his "twin flame," but whether that refers to believing they're soul mates or they shared some type of womb is unclear. What is clear is that it's dang creepy. 

Legal documents filed by the star claim that Grace Marie has sent him harassing emails and packages -- including one with a torn-out magazine picture of Eva Mendes, along with a stapled copy of her contact info.

She has also allegedly inundated Ryan's real-life sister's inbox with messages, including one which creepily read, "I am kicking your brother's head."

On October 28, things got real when this chick apparently flew from New York City to Los Angeles and showed up at the Gosling residence, ringing the security bell and calling herself "Ryan's twin." It's said she left a doll catalogue at the gate, which does sound like something a crazy person would do, doesn't it? Or at least one that may be a threat to a stranger.

Which is why she's been ordered to stay 100 yards away from Ryan, Eva, and their daughter Esmeralda. Ryan's sister Mandi also obtained a similar restraining order for herself, which is probably prudent.

So note to anyone who wants to take their celebrity crush to the next level -- it's a really bad idea, and will not end well.

What do you think this woman was hoping to achieve by stalking Ryan Gosling?


Image via Oraito/Splash News

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