Mama June Claims Photo of Her With Sex Offender Is Fake (PHOTO)

Mama JuneMama June Shannon is desperately trying to explain herself to the media, and, really, she is just making things worse. First, we heard that she denies that sex offender Mark McDaniel is Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon's father. Nope, apparently a different sex offender is Pumpkin's dad. Yes, a different sex offender. Oh! Yes, sorry. We got the wrong sex offender. Our bad. Now June tells Dr. Phil (the interview will air Monday) that the infamous picture of her in bed with McDaniel is fake.


It was TMZ that broke the news that Mama June was dating her old sex offender boyfriend again -- the one who just happened to spend 10 years in prison. The one who molested her eldest daughter, Anna.

As proof, TMZ published a picture of June and McDaniel in a hotel room bed together. Pumpkin defended her mom, saying the picture was fake. And subsequently, June came out with a "truth video" saying definitively that she hadn't seen Mark in 10 years.

Except for, you know, those times she DID see him, because after denying it vociferously, she now admits maybe she did see him a couple of times, but says it was all just for Pumpkin because Pumpkin thought McDaniel was her dad. And why would she think that?! But now June says that's not true. Another sex offender is Pumpkin's dad -- as well as Jessica's -- and his name is Michael Anthony Ford.

Still ... even if Pumpkin thought McDaniel was her dad, a good mom STILL wouldn't want this guy anywhere near her kids.

I find it hard to believe anything she says at this point.

TMZ denies it doctored the photo -- though, of course, whomever gave the photo to TMZ (money is on Uncle Poodle) could have doctored it.

But I'm sure TMZ did its due diligence and made sure that the picture wasn't fake -- at least as much as it is able. TMZ has come out with a lot of damning, career-incinerating stuff over the years and rarely if ever been sued for printing false information (I couldn't find a case). Founder Harvey Levin is a lawyer, after all.

June should probably just hunker down and zip her lips until this thing blows over. Every interview she gives is just making it worse. Take the kids away on vacation somewhere -- somewhere without McDaniel.

Do you think the photo was faked?


Image via ET

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