Kim Kardashian Accused of Cheating on Kanye West With ... Another Celeb?

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Out of all of the rumors insisting that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are breaking up, a new one put out by In Touch just might take the cake as far as the craziest theory yet goes.

The cover of their new issue features a pic of poor Kim, with the headline, "Kim's Divorce Drama ... Pregnant & Dumped!"

Oh, and I should probably mention the report also suggests that Kim hooked up with another celebrity, which is what ultimately led to her and Kanye's demise.


Kim Kardashian IN Touch cover

Um, seriously? When would she possibly have time to cheat on Kanye, considering he basically follows her every move?

I know they've spent time apart in the past when he's been on tour and all, but lately they're pretty much joined at the hip. It just seems so unlikely that Kim would not only give into temptation and mess around behind his back, but that she'd also do so with another Hollywood type. If she were going to cheat on him, why would she risk getting it on with anyone even remotely well known? (It just doesn't make any sense.)

As for the part about Kanye taking North away from Kim, well, it ties back into the other rumor that surfaced not too long ago about him moving to Paris with Nori whether Kim likes it or not, so it's easy to see where that story came from.

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While it won't be the shock of the century if Kim and Kanye eventually do wind up going their separate ways, I highly doubt they'd split after less than a year together, especially given how young North is and the fact that they are trying to conceive baby number two.

For now, let's go ahead and assume this report is totally bogus. If rumors about Kim being unfaithful to Kanye persist, however, it looks like 2015 could prove to be pretty scandalous for the Kardashian clan.

Do you think Kim cheated on Kanye?


Images via MHD/PacificCoastNews; In Touch

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