Lorde Defends Pal Taylor Swift From Katy Perry's Rude Boyfriend

Taylor SwiftWell, it's official. Katy Perry still likes jerks. The singer's latest boyfriend, DJ Diplo, who follows on the heels of Russell Brand and John Mayer, just out-douched both of those guys by making sarcastic comments about Taylor Swift's derriere on Twitter. He suggested a fund to "Get Taylor Swift a Booty" and linked to a Kickstarter fund that someone started for that sole purpose. Luckily, Taylor didn't even have to respond. Her pal Lorde did it for her. And her response is perfect.


Diplo tweeted:

Then, after writing several more tweets dissing Taylor's behind (and linking to an actual fund that now has $85 toward it -- erm, she's not gonna buy a new booty, y'all!), Lorde finally spoke up by saying:

@diplo should we do something about your tiny penis while we're at it

Oh, snap!! The tweet has disappeared from Lorde's Twitter feed, so it's possible she thought better of this snarky response, but how perfect was this? Considering that Diplo reportedly has two children by a woman he's still not committed to, I dunno, maybe someone should do something to that peen of his. It seems to get around way too much.

But seriously, why is a grown man picking on a woman's ass? We can't all have Kardashian booties. Just like all men can't have gargantuan penises, right, Diplo? Haha.

Taylor is a naturally slim woman and her booty is just fine. Just as the booties of curvier women are fine. It's just wrong to body shame anyone. Totally lame, Diplo.

Why would he do this? Methinks it has something to do with the supposed war between the two singers -- rumor has it that Taylor wrote her song "Bad Blood" about Perry, who may have tried to steal some dancers from her tour. Given what Diplo just did, the rumor seems more plausible now.

I'm sure Katy can take care of herself, Diplo, no need to get in on it.

But as for Lorde, hey, she's just saying what I'm sure Taylor would have loved to have said, but had too much class to.

What do you think about what Diplo said?


Image via Taylor Swift/Instagram

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