The Real Reason Kim Kardashian Took Those Full Frontal Nude Pics

Kim KardashianJust in case you're wondering why Kim Kardashian has suddenly decided to break the Internet with her boobs and booty, apparently the reason is a good one. As if she even needed a reason. But seriously WHY?! It's not like Kim needs the money or the publicity ... but the motivation was not only that Kim was eager to work with famed photographer Jean-Paul Goude (who pretty much did the same photos with another model years ago -- guess he ran out of ideas!), but sources tell TMZ that Kim is determined to get pregnant very soon, so she wanted to document her body before it swells up like a hot air balloon changes again.


Kim is so proud of all of the work she did to get her post-baby bod back after the birth of North that she was desperate to show it off. And, hey, some photographer with a French name and Paper magazine is a lot more artistic-seeming than Playboy, even if the result is the same. (By the way, Paper did not pay her -- this was ART, people!)

As for Kanye, TMZ says he's thrilled with his wife's exhibitionist nature and totally proud that she loves to show it all off. Which is good because if he had a problem with that, these two definitely wouldn't last very long.

Kim is getting a lot of flack for her nudity -- even Glee's Naya Rivera basically came out and said moms shouldn't pose in the buff. Which is kind of absurd. Anyone who is a mom got that way by being in the buff at some point. Besides, Kim is showing that moms can still be hot, so who cares? It's nudity, people, she didn't drop a nuclear bomb on anyone. Let's save our hate for wars 'n' stuff.

It makes sense that Kim would want to immortalize her body now -- who knows what it will look like after baby number two. Though Photoshop always helps.

TMZ also reports that this won't even be Kim's last nude photo shoot before she gets pregnant. Dang, at this point, I feel like I've looked at Kim's naked body more than my own in the past year.

Kind of ironic that she's being criticized for being a nude mom -- and yet being a mom is her whole reason for doing it, eh?

Do you think moms should get naked?

Image via AJA/OIC Xclusive, PacificCoastNews

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