Kim Kardashian Goes Totally Full Frontal Naked in New Crazy NSFW Photo

Anyone who thought they were going to wake up this morning and find that Kim Kardashian had disappeared into the ether after releasing an obscene photo of her butt yesterday that "broke" the Internet is in for a rude awakening. Consider this Day 2 of Kim -- otherwise known as Kim's Final Act -- because there's no way she can top this. After showing the world her bodacious derriere in all its photoshopped glory, Kim turned around, literally, and posed for Paper magazine completely naked -- boobs, privates, the works. Warning: the photo you are about to see is totally NSFW.


I don't know about you, but I knew this was coming -- I just assumed it would happen five years from now and take place in a traditional, Playboy setting. Anyhow, here's Kim -- ALL of Kim:

kim kardashian frontal

I don't know about you, but snooze. Sure, she's just as voluptuous and gorgeous as we thought. But other than that, I'm not quite sure what to say about this photo because, given her many revealing outfits and scandalous past photo shoots, I feel like I've already seen Kim naked a billion times.

Kim is entitled to do whatever she wants with her body and image -- and we're sure she got paid BIG BUCKS to pose for these pics, but I can't help but wonder what on earth she is going to do for an encore.

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Is this it? Is this Kim's way of shedding her image as a sex symbol by giving the world what it wants? Could this mean she's going to move forward and focus on celebrating her mind and spirit now?

The answer is a big, fat obvious, um, NO. Kim is living for today. And today she is naked. Again.

What do you think about Kim's full-frontal photo?


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