Crazy Trick That Made Kim Kardashian's Rear Look So Ample in 'Paper' Magazine Shoot

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Unless you've been cut off from any and all civilization, by now you've seen Kim Kardashian's bare butt on the cover of Paper magazine. Save for her Playboy photos (oh, and her sex tape), it could be the raciest pic we've seen of Kim yet, what with her butt looking so ... lubed up and all. The photo, naturally, was (and is) the talk of the Internet for obvious reasons -- hello, it's Kim's bare bottom! -- but it also has many people scratching their heads, wondering how someone with a waist that small can have a derriere so plump.

Many people are speculating that the cover is as Photoshopped as the day is long (and I can't say I whole-heartedly disagree with that theory), but now Kim's makeup artist is shedding some light as to what went into making Kim -- well, Kim's butt, mainly -- look the way it did.


According to Kim's longtime makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, there were some smoke and mirrors that went into making Kim's butt look the way it did in the photo. "Just oil and great lighting," Dedivanovic told E! News. "The makeup was actually really quick. It took about 20 minutes because the hair took so long."

Oh. Okay.

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While I certainly don't doubt that there was plenty of oil and great lighting involved in the photo shoot, I kind of doubt that that's all that went into making Kim's bottom appear as it did. No doubt, her body is legendary, but I'm wont to believe that there's something else to this photo -- be it a specific angle or, yes, the help of a computer. No way this is just a bottle of baby oil and a couple of GE soft whites.

There's really no point in speculating too much, because it's doubtful we'll ever hear the truth behind this magical photograph. I suppose we should just do what we always do when Kim Kardashian shocks the world: Stand back, take it in, and judge.

What do you think of Kim's Paper magazine photo?


Images via Kim Kardashian/Instagram/PAPER

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