Kim Kardashian's Shameful Relationship Secret Is Worse Than Her Sex Tape

Kim KardashianSince Kim Kardashian just came out with some nude ass photos for Paper magazine, it's hard to believe she's trying to spiff up her image, but apparently she is. And there's one thing Kim does not want getting out into the public -- and that is that she had a threesome with Kanye and another woman, who also happens to be famous. Oops, sorry, Kim, it's out there!


RadarOnline reports that long before Kim was Mrs. West, she and Kanye were creeping with each other behind Kim's boyfriend's back (Reggie? Kris Humphries?). And I guess it wasn't Kim's artistic nature that cemented Kanye's feelings for her -- but the awesome threesome he had with her! You guys, this is so romantic.

A source told RadarOnline:

She spent years trying to change people's perception of her, ever since the sex tape came out [in 2007]. And [the threesome] can undo everything.

Erm, really? I don't think so. Would anyone even blink an eye over this information? But the source claims Kim is "terrified" that Kanye will spill the beans about Kim's threesome. Whoever the other woman was, we don't know, but she was famous. Supposedly.

The source says that when Kanye suggested a threesome, Kim "didn't hesitate." Aww, bet right then Kanye knew she was wifey material.

But then the whole thing didn't go quite as planned because the other woman got jealous since Kanye was WAY more into Kim than her. So sweet!

But seriously, Kanye, that's kinda rude. When you book a threesome, make sure you divvy yourself up equally!

At least these two finally realized they were made for each other and tied the knot. It would have been so wrong to continue to inflict themselves upon anyone else.

Do you think they had a threesome?


Image via KimKardashian/Instagram

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