Kim Kardashian Cruelly Body-Shamed By 'Glee's Naya Rivera (PHOTO)

The entire planet is buzzing about the most obscene, insane photo of Kim Kardashian and her naked, greased-up derriere, courtesy of Paper magazine. No doubt, you've probably also seen the second photo, where she's showing off an outrageous talent we could have never guessed a human other than this model, who starred in the original photo, possessed: she's balancing a champagne glass ... on her butt.

Whether you have an opinion about Kim -- love her, hate her, whatever -- or not, it's more or less impossible to look at these photos and not think something. Cue the drama because some folks -- including Glee actress Naya Rivera -- didn't hold back their opinions about Kim's nudity, and their words ain't pretty.


In case you haven't seen it, you really must before we continue here. The first photo is totally NSFW, so be careful:

Kim couldn't wait to show off both her nude photo and this second one on her Instagram: 

Mind you, at the same time as she posted this, she tweeted, "And they say I didn't have a talent...try balancing a champagne glass on your ass LOL #BreakTheInternet #PaperMagazine" Obviously, she is in on the joke that her butt is legendary and she's poking fun at herself, which I think is pretty cool. She's a modern-day Mae West: bawdy, cheeky, gutsy.

Plenty of other people did not find the humor in this. Glee actress Naya Rivera reportedly slammed Kim for exposing herself by posting the following comment on Kim's Instagram: "I normally don't.'re someone's mother."

Ouch. Judge much?

I'm not saying I would feel comfortable posing in the buff, but that doesn't mean I'm right or wrong for how I feel. Look, aside from the weird fact that she was coated with what looks like a bottle of cooking oil, at the end of the day, it's just a BUTT. And a rather amazing one, at that.

Yes, she's a mom and a role model, but maybe she doesn't feel her naked body is shameful. We shouldn't slam the fact that she's comfortable in her roles as both mom and sexy woman -- we should applaud her for that.

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Naya may be one of the most famous people to share her thoughts on Kim's photo, but she certainly isn't alone. As promised, Kim managed to "break the Internet." Twitter users' opinions ranged from those that sounded a lot like Naya's ...

... to a surprising number of posts that supported her decision:

What's your take on Kim's photos? Do Naya and others have the right to slam her for them?


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