Nick Jonas Makes a Very Naughty Confession About His Music

Nick JonasRemember back in the day when the Jonas Brothers were the super squeaky clean good kids? I mean, Kevin Jonas didn't even have sex until his wedding day! Well, the tides seem to be shifting, and Nick Jonas recently made a naughty confession about his music.

The youngest Jonas Brother is all grown up, and as it turns out, he wants other grownups to get down and dirty while listening to his tunes. Yup, the 22-year-old recently admitted that he wants people to have sex while listening to his music.


Nick caught up with E! News before performing at the Flaunt magazine party in Los Angeles this week, and said he had two goals -- for fans to buy his newly released solo album Nick Jonas, and for them to consider doing the deed to some of the songs.

"Every artist's real goal is to have people have sex to your music," he confessed. "I feel like for me, I was inspired by people like Stevie Wonder, Prince and more modern stuff like The Weekend and James Blake and that vibe. A lot of that is sexy."

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When asked which specific tracks on his album he thought were sexy enough to do the horizontal mambo to, he was ready with suggestions.

"I think it's up to the audience because everybody has a certain preference," he said. "Maybe a song called 'Push,' and this other one called 'Santa Barbara' has nice vibes and a song called 'Closer' that I did with Mike Posner. Those are a few and then they can decide what they want from there."

Wow OK then. Bow chicka wow wow.

Can we just say that little Nicky is all grown up now? Not only is he making sultry tunes for us to get our groove on, he was also recently photographed in some very risque pics that had more than a few of us moms out there blushing.

I don't think I'm ready for a world in which Nick Jonas is a sex symbol.

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Image via Nick Jonas/Instagram

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