'Girls' Star Allison Williams Reveals the 'Most Offensive Thing' Ever Said to Her

Allison WilliamsAs much as we like to think that celebrities have it easy, with the money and the fame and all that jazz, it's got to be rough to be under so much media scrutiny. Everyone's a critic, right? But even so, at least one star admitted that the most offensive thing anyone has ever said to her wasn't a result of her being famous.

Girls star Allison Williams recently graced the cover of Allure magazine, and talked about ditching her long locks for the upcoming Peter Pan Live!, in which she plays the title character.


"I cut off my hair twice. It was in high school, and a boy that I had a crush on said, 'You've lost your aura.' It was, to this day, the most offensive thing anyone's ever said to me,"she admitted in an interview with the mag.

She continued her lament, "And it was before extensions were everywhere, [so] I just had to muscle through it."

Ugh. Women and our hair. Amirite? This is probably something to categorize under "First World Problems," but still! It's one thing, especially as a teenager, to get a funny look from someone after a major appearance change, but to be told by a crush that you'd "lost your aura"?

Who knew hair was what defined us. I'm hoping (hoping!) that the real devastation came from realizing that this particular teenage boy wasn't the bee's knees after all, and Williams realized he wasn't worth her affection after making such a callous remark.

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I'm also hoping that this kid has grown up since then, realized what a mistake he made with one of the hottest young actresses around, and has never made another comment about a woman's hair again aside from, "You are stunning!"

Anyway, it wasn't the last time the 26-year-old daughter of Brian Williams would face criticism about her body, and given her profession, plus the fact that she's female, it certainly won't be the last. Only usually it's people discussing her weight. Because of course.

"When I did the Mad Men thing, I was graduating from college -- you’re college-weight. And so when we filmed the pilot for Girls and even into that first season, I looked like someone I hadn’t looked like for four years," she said. "But that's still the way it was set in people's minds, so they're like, 'Oh, my God, you've lost weight.' And I'm like, 'This is just the way my body is very naturally.' It’s a little bit stressful to know that there are a lot of people walking around who think I'm constantly just shaking and depriving myself."

What's the most offensive thing anyone has ever said to you about your hair?


Image via Allure Magazine

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