Mama June's Daughter Says Sex Offender Might Be Her Sister's Dad (VIDEO)

Things have just done gone crazy ever since Mama June Shannon supposedly hooked back up with her old boyfriend Mark McDaniel, who just so happens to have served 10 years in prison for molesting a child. Some reports say that 8-year-old child was none other than Shannon's own daughter, Anna "Chickadee" Cardwell. But that apparently didn't stop Mama June from rekindling the flame with the convicted criminal. Though she denies it, the evidence seems to say otherwise. But now here comes the most jaw-dropping thing we've heard yet ... Chickadee says that her 14-year-old sister, Lauryn "Pumpkin" Thompson, believes that McDaniel is her biological father!


All of June's kids have different fathers, and Pumpkin's father has been the one that June never revealed -- because maybe she didn't know who he was, or maybe she knew and didn't want to tell! I mean, would you brag about this?

Anna told Dr. Drew that the reason Pumpkin has been defending her mom in the press is that she has come to believe that McDaniel is her daddy ... and that it is Mama June who is telling her this.

Poor Anna. Not only betrayed by her mom, but it sounds like her sister too. She told Dr. Drew that she is "done" with Pumpkin after her sister "cussed her out" and told her "screw you" and "F you." One does wonder why Pumpkin is so in her mom's corner, but she is still young and no doubt much under Mama June's influence.

Sickeningly, Anna claims that McDaniel even molested her in the same bed as Pumpkin -- who might be his daughter!

Oddly, Anna also says she is still in touch with her mother, who says she might "have cancer from all the stress." Umm. Hmm. We certainly don't want Mama June dying, but it would be terrible if she was making this up to guilt Anna into being quiet and just forgetting everything.

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This is all such a shame because the family was an unlikely one for America to fall in love with -- and for awhile they truly showed that you don't need money or a home in the Hamptons to have a loving, close-knit clan. But the Thompsons are beginning to make the Kardashians look positively squeaky clean!

Let's hope Anna is getting the emotional support she needs that she is not getting from her mom and sister.

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