Jennifer Lawrence Reveals the 1 Thing a Love Interest Must Do for Her

Jennifer LawrenceIs this the reason Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin's summer fling didn't last very far into the fall? The Hunger Games actress is on the cover of the most recent issue of French magazine Madame Figaro, and in an interview, she dished to the mag about the one thing she's looking for in a relationship.

When shopping for a potential partner, JLaw revealed that any love interest must "allow her to be herself in all situations."


She said unless you can be your authentic self in a relationship, "you might as well stay single." Can Jennifer Lawrence please travel back in time to the pre-married-and-divorced me and let me in on this little secret? Eh, I probably wouldn't have listened anyway.

The 24-year-old Oscar winner is obviously wise beyond her years.

She also said that she likes to keep her relationships as on the DL as possible and that it took her three days to decide to take the role of Katniss Everdeen because she knew the media frenzy that would surround it.

"I realized that whatever I do, at any level, I would lose a part of my private life," she acknowledged. "For each 'everyday' photo published, I generally spend three hours playing cat and mouse with photographers."

And she's totally not into social media, so don't be hoping for a re-tweet or a Facebook like from the mega star anytime soon. "All that doesn't interest me for a second!" she admitted. "I'm always hundreds of emails behind."

Yeah, definitely not your typical 20-something Hollywood babe. But isn't that why we love her?

Do you think Jennifer Lawrence is right on the money about what to look for in a potential partner?


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