Kate Middleton's Growing Baby Bump Couldn't Be Cuter (PHOTO)

kate middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge clearly is on the up and up. Kate Middleton stepped out on Sunday in a form-fitting black Alexander McQueen peacoat at a memorial service honoring veterans for UK's Remembrance Sunday. The Duchess looked healthy and happy (well, as happy as one can look at a memorial service) and showed what appears to be the very first signs of a little belly. That's right -- it's still very tiny, but Kate Middleton is finally sporting a little baby bump. So cute! And wow, Kate looks fantastic! Pregnancy certainly suits her.


kate middleton

Like I said, it's still very small, but you can certainly see the tiniest pregnant belly protruding beneath the gold buttons. Of course, for a "normal" person, this wouldn't be much of a belly at all, but being that Kate is so slim, it's definitely a little something.

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Now that the Duchess is feeling better -- and now that she's further along in her pregnancy -- we'll certainly being seeing more of her growing bump in the months to come. And, being that this is her second pregnancy, she'll probably be showing sooner than with her first, which, while exciting for us peasants, probably isn't all that exciting for her. No woman likes busting out the maternity clothes earlier than they have to.

Being that it's such a vulnerable time, Kate probably isn't all that thrilled with the fact that she's so closely watched during her pregnancy. But, no doubt, as with her last pregnancy, she will dazzle and delight everyone with her flawless style and adorable growing belly. Congrats to the Duchess. What a happy time!

Do you see a lil' baby bump there?


Images via Chris Jackson/WPA Pool/Getty

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