Taylor Swift's 'Blank Space' Video Shows Why She Has So Many Exes

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift dropped her next single and music video from her latest insanely successful studio album 1989, and it's so much better than the vid for "Shake It Off" we can barely contain ourselves.

"Blank Space" is such a cool song to begin with -- essentially a big "eff off" to the haters who mock Tay Tay's tumultuous love life. Though she hasn't publicly dated since breaking it off with Harry Styles last January, Miss Swift does have more than her fair share of ex-boyfriends.


Taylor said she started writing the song as a joke, to play up the media's image of her as a serial dater who can't keep a man because she's a needy, clingy, overly emotional nightmare. The video does a fantastic job portraying her as a hopeless romantic who turns a wee bit psycho when things don't end up going well. And by that I mean super psycho.

While the song is obviously a self-deprecating parody, there's still a little bit of truth to it, and I'm sure all of us hopeless romantics can relate. It's easy to get too involved too quickly with a new guy, and accidentally end up smothering him. Then he doesn't call, he doesn't text, and we're all -- but we've already named our children! OK, hopefully not that bad.

But what's a girl to do? Well, maybe she shouldn't go all slasher chick like Tay does here, but nothing wrong with writing an album full of revenge songs and watching it go platinum. Heartbreak sucks, y'all.

How much truth do you think is in this song as to why Taylor Swift has so many ex-boyfriends?


Image via Taylor Swift/Instagram

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