Britney Spears Tweets Selfie With Her New Boyfriend & It's Too Soon (PHOTO)

Just a few short months ago, Britney Spears got her heart broken badly when her jerky ex David Lucado was caught cheating on her with another woman. And this unfortunate event happened just months after the singer and her former manager Jason Trawick called off their engagement, so imagine the salt in the wound -- ouch.

To her credit, Brit didn't hide the news and instead told audience members all about the tough time she was going through at her Las Vegas show. Her exact words were, "Well, by now everyone knows my boyfriend cheated on me. But the best part of breaking up is going on first dates. Oh my god, oh my god, I need a hot guy. Where are the hot guys here tonight?"

Prayers answered, Britney. Meet Charlie Ebersol, the son of Saturday Night Live's co-creator David Ebersol, and Brit's new man. And if you need proof of their relationship status, Britney has given us their first couple selfie -- for better or worse.


Britney tweeted this photo of herself with Charlie after announcing on Extra that "Yes, there is a special someone. It's very new."

Oh my god, these two are as cute as buttons. And those teeth! They could light up a city with those gorgeous smiles. I am simultaneously happy for Britney and totally rooting for her to have found true love -- but I'm also a bit frightened for her, guys. It's great that she's admitting this is a new relationship and, hopefully, this means she won't get in over her head. But why not wait -- like, a long time or at least a month or two? -- to share the news and make it "official" on your social media sites?

I just don't want to see Brit get hurt again. I admire her for wearing her heart on her sleeve and allowing herself to be vulnerable, but it's been a rough year, love-wise, for the star. I hope she takes things slowly this time and I really hope this guy is good to her -- she deserves it!

Do you think it's too soon for Britney to post a selfie with her new boyfriend?


Images via britneyspears/Instagram

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