Kate Middleton Emerges Looking Healthy & Showing Off Tiniest Baby Bump (PHOTOS)

kate middletonWe've all been a bit worried about the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton -- her morning sickness (which lasted most of the day) had her cancelling many of her scheduled appearances and duties. And when we did catch a glimpse of her, she didn't look well. Thankfully, she appears to be back to feeling a bit more herself again -- that is, herself when she is pregnant. I'm seeing some color in her cheeks, a bit of pregnancy glow, and the tiniest baby bump.


kate middletonKate and Prince William went on a babymoon and it seems that little break was exactly what Kate (and the baby) needed. To be pregnant and have the world watching your every move has got to be exhausting in itself. Add expected public appearances and a toddler at home to the mix, and I need a nap just thinking about it.

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The Duchess is also clearly one of the pregnant women who carry discretely -- I love seeing just a hint of baby bump under her curiously baby blue coat. Is Prince George going to have a brother? The word is that Kate is having a girl, but in the land of royal gossips, we may not truly know until an official statement is made or April arrives -- that's the month baby is due.

I'm so happy Kate is feeling better! If only she had an Instagram account where she took pregnant selfies to keep inquiring minds in the know.

What do you think of Kate's tiny bump under her baby blue coat? Do you think she's having a boy or girl?


Images via James Whatling/Splash

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