Jennifer Lopez Has a Few Things to Say About Ex Marc Anthony's Engagement


jennifer lopezIt's a little shocking to hear that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have only been divorced for three months. Three months? How is that so? It was three years ago that the duo split up, and apparently with all the lawyering going on, it took from July of 2011 until June of this year for the divorce to be final. We can say that it only took Marc Anthony three months after his divorce from J. Lo to ask another woman to marry him. Technically that would be true, but I think specifics are what keeping me from thinking Marc is a creep. Still, some people may think he is -- that he is moving on to marriage number three too fast. If you are wondering what Jennifer thinks, I know! I know!


When asked about the news that her ex-husband Marc is engaged to model Shannon De Lima, Lopez said in true J. Lo style:

I'm happy for him. I am totally single. It's not going to be forever. Someone great will come along.

She gave it the ole address it and then switch it. Perfect. Plus, she's pointing out that fact that people move on, and good for him for moving on and finding love -- she will, too. That's what we do! That it's only been three months since the official divorce doesn't matter one single bit.

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Now this wasn't an easy split, of course. Marc and Jen have two kids together -- twins Max and Emme who are 6-years-old. Which means there was a lot to sort out when it comes to custody, schooling, who pays for piano lessons, who takes care of the college fund, and what happens on the holidays. It was said that the kids get two Halloweens because Jennifer will take them trick-or-treating once and Marc will take them a second time. Details! They seemed to have them all covered. So who Marc is dating and when and how things are moving along ... well, I will bet that he kept Jen in the know of what was going on there. I'm sure there was the meeting of the kids day, and their first dinner all together to see how well Shannon mixes with the twins. These are very important things and I'm sure Marc wouldn't want to marry her if she didn't love him and his kids.

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I'm happy Lopez is happy for him -- this woman will be a part of her kids' lives so it is a big deal. Happiness for all!

What do you think of Jennifer's reaction to Marc's engagement?

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