Kendra Wilkinson Says the Most Unexpected Thing About Hank Baskett (VIDEO)

Kendra WilkinsonWe've all been wondering what Kendra Wilkinson will do about her marriage after she found out that hubby Hank Baskett supposedly hooked up with a transsexual model. In the immortal words of The Clash, will she stay or will she go? For awhile it looked like Kendra couldn't decide. One day she'd be shrieking at Hank that they were no longer married and flushing her rings down the toilet; the next she'd be saying she doesn't believe that Hank really cheated. Well, now it seems like Kendra has made up her mind. She told Access Hollywood that she has no intention of divorcing Hank and that, in fact, the two of them will "be together for the rest of our lives."


Wow. That's quite a turnaround from just a few weeks ago, when Kendra was saying she couldn't guarantee that the two would remain married. But now she's saying, "Until we're 100 years old. We're gonna be together forever."

So what made her decide this? Apparently Kendra has come to believe that whatever Hank did with the transsexual wasn't so bad. She told Access Hollywood:

It's not what you think happened. I can't go on further past that. There is some investigation going on right now and that's why I have to stay away from some things.

Hank had told the FBI that the model, Ava Sabrina London, was trying to extort him for money. And the last rumor we heard was that Hank had gone to her home to party and smoke some pot, but not to get naked. Ermkay. Kendra now seems to believe that Hank was an innocent pawn in London's game, saying:

[He's] an innocent, vulnerable guy. It's so sad.

Oh boy. Sounds like Kendra is seriously in denial at this point. He was at London's home -- and something happened. It's not just like he was zapped there in a space-time continuum machine.

Kendra also has some theories on the tape that came out of Hank begging London not to tell Kendra what had happened between them -- and that he'll pay her money to keep her quiet. Kendra seems to think the tape is bogus: "It's manipulated. It's cut up." She even calls Hank "smart" for how he handled the transsexual. Huh?!

Sounds like Kendra is making a bunch of excuses for Hank, but I guess when you have two small kids together it's not so easy just to get up and leave. Still, there is such a thing as red flags, and this is a huge one.

Let's just hope Hank has learned his lesson and this will be the last time he gets himself "trapped" with a transsexual. Or anyone who isn't Kendra.

Do you think she's made the right decision?

Image via Access Hollywood

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