Amanda Bynes Dyes Her Hair Purple in Latest Antic (PHOTO)

Ordinarily, when a celebrity dyes her hair an interesting color, we don't think twice about it. But when Amanda Bynes does anything lately, many of us -- myself included -- look for the hidden message behind it and wonder what true story it tells about her mental health. For better or worse, we're going to do just that after seeing the former blonde post a photo of herself on Twitter with newly-dyed purple hair.

Is this merely an attempt to make a fresh beauty change? Or yet another call for help?


Just a few days after Amanda went on a wild Twitter rant against her parents, she posted this photo of herself sitting in a hair stylist's chair with the caption, "I dyed my hair violet :D I'm not sure if I like it, and this is a blurry pic but here it is!"

It's extreme, but I think it's actually quite pretty. But, of course, since we're speaking about Amanda, her hair really isn't the point, is it? We can't help but speculate whether she is crying out for help and attention.

Two days before she dyed her hair, her Twitter feed looked a little like this:

It doesn't seem like the 28-year-old actually wants to suffer in silence or alone and it makes me so sad to think of her passive aggressively asking for help and not being able to receive it -- either because she isn't really open to it or isn't getting it the way she wants.

And am I awful for questioning why a person who is so broke she is homeless has chosen to prioritize her hair over her well-being? If Amanda were 19, I could understand. But she's almost 30. She isn't thinking clearly and needs help.

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Amanda has been vocal on Twitter about how she thinks she looks terrible and her hair looks awful and she isn't going to look better anytime soon because of her lack of money. Maybe this is Amanda's attempt to feel better about herself by making a beauty change. I hope that's all this means, but I can't help but be frightened by every decision she makes these days.

Do you think Amanda's purple hair is a cry for help or just a beauty change?

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Image via amandabynes/Twitter


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