Heidi Montag May Be Amanda Bynes' Unlikely Knight in Shining Armor

Heidi Montag Amanda Bynes

I’ve been trying not to invest too much attention in Amanda Bynes’ ongoing issues lately because I’m just kind of terribly sad for her and for her family. I don’t know what she’s struggling with, but it certainly looks and sounds like mental illness and it all stopped being funny or entertaining a really long time ago.

The latest headlines are pretty worrying, but here’s a really strange development: a fellow celebrity has publicly reached out to Amanda to offer her a place to stay. That’s not the strange part — I would think there are plenty of folks who would be willing to lend a helping hand at this point — the strange part is how unexpected and random this person is. It’s none other than Heidi Montag, former reality television star and famed plastic surgery aficionado.


Bynes has been publicly hurting lately, tweeting her various troubles as she reportedly battles her parents for control over her finances. Her attorney says he’s working with an unnamed private trust firm to ensure that her needs are taken care of, but in the meantime, she says she has very little cash and has in fact been sleeping on a hotel couch because she has nowhere to live:

TMZ reports that Amanda wants to work as a bartender because she wants to live a “normal life,” and as she fights for access to her $5.7 million fortune which is controlled by her parents’ conservatorship, she wants to use the money to get an apartment. On November 4 she tweeted that she was taking her meds and was doing fine:

But she’s also tweeted about wanting plastic surgery because she thinks she’s “ugly.” Sigh. Anyway, Heidi Montag has replied to Amanda via Twitter, posting the following:

I know people will probably turn this into a joke, especially given Heidi’s own past with plastic surgery, but I think it was sweet. And hell, any port in a storm, right? I wish Amanda Bynes would take her up on it, because I think having someone who’s willing to take care of her right now sounds like a really good thing, regardless of whether that person might sneakily be thinking about selling their friendship to the highest reality show bidder. Good luck to Amanda and her parents, I truly hope this story has a happy ending.

Do you think Amanda Bynes is going to take anyone’s help right now?

Image via heidipratt/Instagram

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