'Shake It Off' Goes '80s & It's Totally Perfect (VIDEO)

Shake It OffThe weekend is finally here, and I don't know about you, but Fridays always make me want to get up and dance. But this Friday is actually making me want to get up and Dancercise! When was the last time you heard that phrase?

We all know that Taylor Swift's new album is called 1989 (after the year she was born) and that "Shake It Off," her monster hit of a single off it, has a totally '80s vibe ... so a genius named Thomas Jung on YouTube added the song to footage from the Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship.


Take a look because the leotards, bad '80s hair, scrunchie socks, and high top sneakers go PERFECTLY with "Shake It Off"!

Amazing right? Makes me want to get out my crimping iron, load up my wrists with neon bracelets, and bust out some jazzercise moves.

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And because it's Friday, why not enjoy the actual "Shake It Off" video too!

All I have to say is Taylor Swift plus the '80s has me missing that totally awesome decade -- and dancing at my desk! Might be time to bust out some leg warmers and neon tights this weekend!

What do you think of the "Shake It Off" mash-up with dancercise? Are you feeling the '80s right after watching it too?

Image via YouTube

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