20 Songs Most Likely to Get Stuck in Your Head -- According to Science (PHOTOS)

Believe it or not, there is a science to how catchy a song is, or at least so says the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester, England, which dedicated an entire year to a study on the subject.

Dr. Ashley Burgoyne, a computational musicologist and designer of the survey at the University of Amsterdam, tells the BBC:

I work within a group that studies music cognition in general -- any way in which the brain processes music -- and we were particularly interested in music and memory and why exactly it is that certain pieces of music stay in your memory for such a long time.


More than 12,000 people were surveyed through an online game called Hooked on Music containing clips from over 1,000 songs produced over the past 70 years. The average overall time it took a participant to recognize a song clip was five seconds. Essentially, the songs which took the least amount of time for those surveyed to correctly identify are deemed the catchiest.

Without giving too much away, I take umbrage with this list because it contains zero tracks from Madonna or Katy Perry. Then again, I was never very good at science.

Let's count backward from the study's 20th catchiest song of all time and work our way up to number one to find out if you agree with the list and the ranking.

If you could add one song to the list, what would it be?

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