Is Kate Middleton Over Pippa Riding Her Coattails?

kate middletonUh-oh. Looks like there might be royal trouble in Kensington Palace. Some "news" outlets are reporting that both Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth are "outraged" with Pippa Middleton for being in talks with the Today show to become a Lifestyle and Health correspondent. (I put "news" in quotes because Celebrity Dirty Laundry is the one reporting this, so grain of salt please!) According to the site, the future and current Queens of England are none too pleased with the fact that Pippa currently is in the US shooting a test segment for the wildly popular morning show. They apparently feel that any and all of the jobs Pips gets are a result of Kate's fame and that she's simply riding her sister's coattails.

Should we believe this story? Eh, probably not. But, yikes, talk about an awkward rumor to have out there. This has to be pretty mortifying for Pippa.


The Middleton girls were somewhat well-known due to their socialite lifestyle before Kate and William got together. But clearly the reason the world knows Pippa -- and the reason she's gotten so many career opportunities -- is because she's the Duchess' younger sister. On the one hand, she's probably thrilled with this fact -- who wouldn't want people clamoring to work with you? But, on the other, she has to feel a little uncomfy now and again, being that much of said clamoring is because of whom she's related to.

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As far as the rumor that Kate and the Queen are annoyed that Pippa is capitalizing on her fame-by-proxy? Eh, I'm not really buying it. From everything we've ever read, Kate and her sister are the best of friends, and I seriously doubt they'd let something like Pippa taking a gig on the Today show cause a rift between them. And hey, maybe Pippa's new job will go off like gangbusters, and from here on out, she'll be more known as a Today show correspondent than the sister of the future Queen.

Do you think Kate is annoyed that Pippa is capitalizing on her fame?


Image via Justin Tallis/AFP/ News

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