14 Stars Who Desperately Need Help With Their Love Lives

Kendra WilkinsonCelebrities seem like they have it all -- fame, fortune, good looks, free clothes from designers, shiny white veneers. But doesn't it seem like, well, in one area, they kinda fall short? Of course, I'm talking about their love lives. For every Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, there are 10 Tori and Deans. There just seems to be something about being famous that screams, "My love life sucks!" You know when even Britney Spears gets cheated on by some random dude, it's tough to be a celeb and find lasting love. So The Stir asked Hollywood life coach Lisa Haisha, who has counseled many stars about their sucky romantic lives, what she would advise some of these notoriously unlucky in love celebs. Here are 14 stars who desperately need a love life makeover -- and what they should do.