14 Stars Who Desperately Need Help With Their Love Lives

Kiri Blakeley | Nov 6, 2014 Celebrities

Kendra WilkinsonCelebrities seem like they have it all -- fame, fortune, good looks, free clothes from designers, shiny white veneers. But doesn't it seem like, well, in one area, they kinda fall short? Of course, I'm talking about their love lives. For every Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, there are 10 Tori and Deans. There just seems to be something about being famous that screams, "My love life sucks!" You know when even Britney Spears gets cheated on by some random dude, it's tough to be a celeb and find lasting love. So The Stir asked Hollywood life coach Lisa Haisha, who has counseled many stars about their sucky romantic lives, what she would advise some of these notoriously unlucky in love celebs. Here are 14 stars who desperately need a love life makeover -- and what they should do.

  • Jennifer Lopez


    Image via JenniferLopez/Instagram

    Jennifer Lopez admitted in her memoir, True Love, that Ben Affleck majorly broke her heart. She hasn't had much luck since him. Lisa says, "Jennifer Lopez loves to be in love. Unfortunately, love is about hard work, forgiveness, and sticking around when the going gets tough, especially with young kids. I believe that one chooses love, and you have to choose love every day or you’ll fail at it. I would recommend her separating the boys from the men when she's looking for Mr. Soul Mate." That means no more backup dancers!

  • Taylor Swift


    Image via TaylorSwift/Instagram

    Taylor Swift has become the poster child for love gone wrong. It's made her a millionairess, but has it made her happy? Lisa says: "Taylor Swift. You’re beautiful, talented, and seem to have a great heart. You're pretty much perfect except that you dated John Mayer. WTF? It seems that after dating him, you took a page from John's playbook and kept up the pace of dating the wrong men and then writing about them. You're still young, so have fun, but if you want a serious relationship, I'd recommend looking outside the Hollyweird bubble and finding a real man who will know how to treat you as the gem that you are."

  • Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez


    Image via JustinBieber/Instagram

    Are they on? Are they off? It's hard to tell one hour from the next. Lisa says: "These two have been on again and off again so many times that they've become crutches for each other. They're both playing hard, gobbling up life, addicted to drama, so they're obvious magnets for one another. It's just a matter of time before they bore of it and settle down. They both experienced fame very early so they get 'a pass' for their past mistakes, but now it's time to grow up or they’ll keep sullying their reputations."

  • Khloe Kardashian


    Image via KhloeKardashian/Instagram

    Khloe thought she'd found The One in Lamar Odom, but she couldn't have been more wrong. Then she broke up with French Montana. Will she ever settle down and have that baby she so desperately wants? Lisa says: "Khloe is in the Kardashian bubble and can't see the forest for the trees. She needs to understand that she has true worth and deserves better than a cheater, womanizer, addict, etc. She needs to stop reading the press about Kim being the 'golden goose' and that she's a side attraction. She should hunker down and focus on discovering other sides of herself that can be nurtured and may lend her to meeting a man that may not be considered an A-lister, but one who could be a star in her life. Then she can start making babies so North West can have more cousins."

  • Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott


    Image via torianddean/Instagram

    Tori and Dean's marriage is in so much trouble they decided to make not one, but two reality shows out of it. Advises Lisa: "Tori and Dean have managed to stay on TV for years with their reality shows, providing little substance to their audience. Tori learned a lot from her father. She seems to turn nothing into something. Someone is watching the shows because they’re still airing. I just hope she doesn't give up on getting real acting jobs because she does have talent. Dump Dean and move on to real acting gigs. Shake off the belief that you're only good enough for reality shows and Dean should leave and be a proper dad to all his children and get a real job and stop mooching off your creativity." Whoa. Guess Lisa isn't a Dean fan!

  • Tom Cruise


    Image via Dan Kitwood/Getty Images News

    Tom Cruise has been married three times, but his true love seems to be Scientology. Lisa says: "Scientology is his leading lady. It will be difficult to keep any fabulous woman unless he breaks up with Scientology. He will always be able to date and marry because he’s 'Tom Cruise' but not a woman of substance that has the potential of lasting a lifetime until he makes that shift."

  • Kendra Wilkinson & Hank Baskett


    Image via Erika Goldring/Getty Images Entertainment

    Kendra and Hank are going through a serious rough patch after Hank supposedly cheated (or did he?!) with a transsexual. Lisa says: "Kendra and Hank, get off TV! You can't mend your relationship while airing all your dirty laundry to the world (and how embarrassing for your kids when they're old enough to see the re-runs). You have two kids together and it's time to grow up and be parents instead of acting like star-struck teenagers wanting the paparazzi to follow you and then acting annoyed by it. Life is more than that. Instead of going on Marriage Bootcamp, go on a mission trip and help the needy, bond with your family, and then go to a therapist to get the tools you need to be better co-parents instead of trying to be the sexiest, relevant reality stars." Hmm. I won't hold my breath on that one.

  • Brandi Glanville


    Image via BrandiGlanville/Instagram

    Brandi lost her husband to LeAnn Rimes five years ago, but it seems like it just happened yesterday. Brandi still hasn't had a serious relationship since then. Her latest BF was only 23. Lisa advises: "She needs to realize that focusing on the past is going to keep her in the past. Dating a much younger man is not going to give her the security she seems to need since her husband left her for [LeAnn]. She’s setting herself up for a big fall. Instead, she should focus on being with herself and boosting her self-esteem, then finding a legitimate mate."

  • Britney Spears


    Image via BritneySpears/Instagram

    Can you believe Britney got cheated on?! Who cheats on Britney?! Ugh, it seems like ever since Justin Timberlake, Brit just hasn't gotten a good one. Says Lisa: "I met Britney Spears and I feel she is a very sensitive, loving woman who wants to trust. Her issue is that she wants to believe what her spouse/boyfriend/lovers tells her, but she has to realize that she is Britney, bitch! A lot of hangers-on and desperate fame-mongers are going to try to latch on for free press. Be careful, Brit. We love you. Don’t let these guys bring you down and waste your time."

  • Miley Cyrus


    Image via mileycyrus/Instagram

    Ever since Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth called off their engagement, Miley has been, oh, how shall we say? Kinda freaking NUTS?! Lisa says: "Miley is trying so hard to be taken seriously. She is talented and charming, but it's impossible for her to keep a 'healthy' relationship until she gets over the 'Hollywood' thing ... Unless she gets over the need to be seen and talked about, her relationships will suffer."

  • Charlie Sheen


    Image via CharlieSheen/Instagram

    Charlie Sheen has been married three times and just broke off his engagement to a porn star. Lisa says: "Charlie is Charlie. They broke the mold when they made him. He is a wonderful, charming, loving guy one moment, and will turn on a dime and and transform into a character if you cross him. I think when he was a little boy, being on the set of Apocalypse Now and watching his dad stay in character shifted him forever. Now his drug use makes him intense and reactionary, with exaggerated mood swings of highs and lows. His on-again and off-again compatibility with his ex-wives is illustrated by his purchases of houses for them next to his own. This allows him to visit his children, but he needs to step up more as a dad so his kids can get to know his wonderful self, and not just what the news reports."

  • Katy Perry


    Image via Alex Wong/Getty Images News

    Katy divorced Russell Brand, then was on-off with John Mayer, now is dating a guy who has a pregnant ex-girlfriend. Oy vey! Lisa advises: "Katy Perry you rock! Why are you dating these creepy men? For some reason, so many sexy, talented women still want the bad boy. Katy, you're too awesome and deserve better than the bad boy. Find a together, talented, fab guy and turn him into your bad boy in the bedroom! Then it will be a win-win, and we get to really hear you roar!" Well, let's hope we don't hear that.

  • John Mayer


    Image via JohnMayer/Instagram

    If I listed all the ladies John has slept with here, I'd have no room for Lisa's advice. So let's just start with that: "Hey John. Grow a pair! Stop sleeping with, lying to, and writing about the women you date! Didn't you get the memo that relationships should be a private affair, especially if the person you’re dating is famous? Before using your talent and charms on more women, try dating yourself and dump yourself. Write about what a shit you are. What a bad lover you are. How you're not ready to commit to you. Once you lick your wounds from you and spend several years in therapy to heal your wounds that make you want to hurt women, then start dating and only sleep with them if you want to marry them. That would make a great reality show. I'd love to pitch it to the studios for you. You're welcome." YIKES!! (But I'd totally watch that.)

  • Teresa & Joe Guidice


    Image via Teresa Guidice/Instagram

    For the next several years, Teresa and Joe won't be together because of their back-to-back prison sentences. Can their marriage survive? Lisa says: "They made mistakes and now they're paying for them. They both need to take this time to reflect on how to be more 'real' and in touch with reality while doing their jail time. They're smart and resourceful, so I'm sure they will get through this tough time and come out stronger. That said, they need to replace their need for cameras following them at all times with the need to rebuild their family, co-parent, and go to PTA meetings together." Let's hope they make it out of the clink in one piece!


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