Kim Richards Faces Tough Decision After Her Dog Attacks Kyle Richards' Daughter

Kim Richards' dog, Kingsley, strikes again. The canine in question, a pitbull who previously attacked a trainer on an episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, got aggressive with Richards' niece Alexia Umansky (daughter of Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky) this weekend. Her hand required two surgeries as a result!


Richards wants everyone to know she isn't taking the situation lightly. In a statement, the reality star said:

First off let me start by saying the safety and welfare of my family means the world to me. I love Alexia like she is my own child and have been in constant contact with my sister Kyle and niece Alexia.

Richards goes on to describe the events leading up to Kingsley's attack, placing partial blame on the girls for entering a room in the house they were supposed to leave closed.

The events that lead up to Kingsley biting Alexia resulted from the girls entering my bedroom after I already told them my room was off limits. Alexia has been away from college for months and hasn't seen Kingsley in a long time. Kingsley is used to the home being full of children and since the kids have gone away, the house has become quiet. While the two have been very close and friendly in the past, the dog has become very protective of me in the meantime. When guests are over Kinglsey stays in my bedroom and has been given access to a special fenced in area in my backyard. Anyone entering the house is made aware that the dog should not be bothered.

The former child star goes on to say she took the proper precautions as soon as she realized Alexia's thumb had been punctured from Kingsley's bite. She took her niece to the hospital where the wound was cleaned and bandaged, then was discharged. As soon as Richards learned Alexia had re-entered the hospital for a procedure, she contacted her sister immediately.

Kingsley's future is in question and Richards admits she has a very difficult decision to make.

At this point I am looking at options to what the next step is for Kingsley. As many of you can relate, he is my best friend. This is a very difficult decision and time for all of us, but the safety of my family always comes first.

Oh, Kim.

It's like this Richards sister can never get it right, even when the situation is seemingly through no fault of her own (or maybe it is if the dog hasn't been properly trained?). I don't know what kind of obedience training Kingsley has or hasn't had, but clearly the pup could use an extra something in order to stop attacking people.

I realize this woman is experiencing empty nest syndrome and battling to maintain her sobriety on a daily (minute-by-minute) basis, but if she can't get Kingsley under control, she really ought to find someone who can ... for everyone's sake (including the dog's).

A photo of Alexia flanked by her sisters and mom at Cedars-Sinai post-surgery shows her in what appears to be good spirits. So at least that's good news.

What do you think Kim Richards should do about Kingsley?

Image via Facebook/Kyle Richards

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