Jessa & Ben Seewald Reportedly Caught Having Sex at Church Right After Wedding

Jessa Duggar, Ben SeewaldWe never thought it would come to this, but it seems as though we have a Duggar sex scandal on our hands. Sacrebleu! The Duggars don't even participate in full-frontal hugs until they're married, so how can there be a sex scandal?

Remember when Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald shocked their wedding guests last Saturday by opting to share their first kiss in private? They left the altar to go to a private room for the kiss, but it's being reported that way more than kissing went on behind that closed church door.


One alleged wedding guest, calling herself Mary B., is claiming that the newlywed 19 Kids and Counting stars were caught red-handed consummating their marriage just after the ceremony.

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Mary B. left a comment on the blog My Life as a Stay at Home Wife and Mom saying that what Jessa and Ben were doing in that private church room was the talk of the ceremony. According to her, Jinger Duggar went to retrieve the couple for the reception, and what she saw shocked her.

"Multiple people were discussing that when Jinger opened the door to get Jess for the reception, she immediately closed the door with a look of shock on her face," Mary wrote. "A big group of the girls were waiting outside the room to walk with her out ... and my own daughters saw as well."

Did Jessa and Ben have sex just after saying "I do"??

Mary continued:

I am not sure why they would not wait for the evening to pray and then consummate God’s marriage. The Lord has blessed them and brought them together. To hear so many people discussing what they inadvertently walked into was heartbreaking and troubling ... I believe Jessa and Ben are in deep lust with each other.

Newsflash for Mary and everyone else "troubled" by the possibility that Ben and Jessa did it before the reception -- of course they are in deep lust with each other! And thank God in Heaven for that, because a great sex life is crucial for a healthy marriage, and how can you have that without lust?

I thought fundamentalist Christians taught that within the bonds of marriage, sex is a wonderful, glorious thing? Hasn't Michelle Duggar famously said that anyone can make your husband a sammich, but only you get to have sex with him?

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So now that Ben and Jessa are married and able to have God-sanctioned sex, they're going to continue to put rules on it? You may now have sex ... but not a quickie in a private room ... unless you lock the door and no one finds out because what people don't know won't hurt them

These are all just rumors, so we can't know exactly what happened between Ben and Jessa that Jinger may or may not have witnessed, and if I had to guess, I'd say maybe second base, tops, but who cares if they did have sex right after the ceremony? Personally, I'm kind of hoping they did. I always did love a rebel.

Do you think they did it?


Image via Ben Seewald/Instagram

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