Scott Disick's Feelings for Khloe Kardashian Are Not So Innocent

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Well, this is awkward. The new Life & Style cover is claiming that Scott Disick is in love with Khloe Kardashian. Being that this is about as gossipy as it gets -- and being that this is Life & Style -- I highly doubt there's a heck of a lot of truth to this story. But talk about a super awkward story to be on newsstands. I can't imagine Kourtney, Khloe, or Scott would be happy to see a headline like this staring them in the face when they're in line at the grocery store ... especially since Khloe and Scott's relationship can seem a little weird sometimes.


A supposed family insider told the magazine that Kourtney is finally coming to terms with the fact that Scott's feelings for Khloe are "more than friendly." And another source said, "[Scott] looks at Khloe as the fun party girl and Kourtney as his complaining wife." Ouch. Like I said, I'd be pretty surprised if Scott was actually in love with Khloe, but, as we've seen on both Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons, there's definitely some truth to him seeing Khloe as the fun one and Kourtney as the boring one.

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If there's one thing Kourtney can afford to do, it's lighten up a bit; and if there's one thing Scott can afford to do, it's rein in his partying a bit. If they both could just curtail their bad habits slightly and meet in the middle, things between them would be so much better. But neither seems to be willing to budge. And as long as Kourtney continues to "nag" Scott about his partying ways (and as long as Scott continues to party the way he does), Khloe will seem like the fun one, and Kourtney the pain in the butt. But is he in love with Khloe? Sheesh, I hope not.

From everything we've seen and read, things don't seem to be all that great between Kourtney and Scott these days. So, maybe Khloe, being her sister, should quit going out with him for a bit. The two may have fun with each other, but at what expense? Is it really worth Khloe and Kourtney's relationship, or Kourtney and Scott's relationship? Doubt it.

Do you think Khloe and Scott are too close?


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