Robert Pattinson & Girlfriend FKA Twigs Make It Clear Kristen Stewart Is No More

Robert PattinsonI don't know about you all, but I kept thinking this Robert Pattinson has a new girlfriend and her name is FKA Twigs thing was some kind of prank. Or, you know, just another one of those women who quickly come and go, immortalized in the press for about 15 minutes as RPattz's new gal, but then quickly disappearing back into whatever crowd she crawled out of. But nope. FKA Twigs, whose real name is Tahliah Debrett Barnett, appears to not be going away! In fact, the latest spotting of the couple is downright disturbing ...


Rob and Twigs look so close in the latest paparazzi photos that there is no doubt they've gotten quite serious. And you know what really seals the deal? Rob looks soooo different. I mean, sorry to say, but he kind of looks homeless. He looks like he's really picked up Twigs' boho half-homeless chic vibe. Honestly, if he was sitting on a park bench, I'd drop a quarter in his hat. He looks like he might suddenly begin strumming his guitar and trying to sell you his homemade CD.

You know when a man picks up the style and vibe of the girl he's dating, it's true love.

FKA Twigs is a famous singer in Britain and becoming more famous here. In fact, she just got rave reviews for her performance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

Yeah, I'll confess. I'm glad to see Rob at least picked a woman who seems to have some talent -- some passion for something. Not just some eye candy bimbo who claims to be a "model."

Rob and Twigs look like they have long conversations about the environment 'n' stuff. Plus, he looks really, really happy. Like, giddy.

But, still, didn't we all kind of hold out hope this was just the quick fling that would send him back into the arms of Kristen Stewart? I guess that's not happening -- at least not this year. Maybe next?!


Image via O'Neill/Todd G, PacificCoastNews

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