Honey Boo Boo May Have Been in Same Bed as Mama June's Child Molester Boyfriend

Mama JuneThe child molester scandal that tore apart the Honey Boo Boo franchise as well as the family continues to drop fresh bombshells, if you can believe that. The latest twist is even more disturbing than all that's gone before -- which is saying quite a bit considering how much we've heard already. But Lee "Uncle Poodle" Thompson, who has appointed himself Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson's savior, has even more to say -- and this time it's so disturbing, you will literally shudder. Uncle Poodle told the National Enquirer that he went on a trip with June, Alana, and June's new boyfriend, convicted child molester Mark McDaniel, and you won't believe what he claims he saw ... Honey Boo Boo IN BED with McDaniel.


Lee apparently went on a group trip in September with June, McDaniel, anf Alana to a Cherokee, North Carolina, casino on September 12, what seems like mere minutes after June and Sugar Bear separated.

Lee says that Mama June introduced McDaniel as her "gay friend" -- which Uncle Poodle thought suspicious since the two were indulging in some heavy PDA. Poodle apparently had no idea of McDaniel's skeevy past as a convicted child molester -- one who reportedly molested June's own daughter Anna to boot!

Lee says at one point he woke up in the morning and saw ... ack, read it for yourself:

When I woke up in the morning Alana was fast asleep crammed in bed with June and Mark!

If true, this is stunningly awful news. Lee went off on Mama June in the Enquirer, saying:

I don’t know what June is thinking! First, Mark sexually abused her daughter Anna and now I wouldn’t be surprised if he's targeting Alana. As a mother, it’s June’s job to protect her daughters. She didn’t do it with Anna, and now she’s putting Alana in danger.

OMG, this is all so heartbreaking and bizarre! Why would any mom do this?

As for Uncle Poodle, he denies reports that he's trying to get his own spinoff show that would star him, Alana, and Sugar Bear -- but let's just hope he's not making this stuff up. We hope he is truly thinking of Alana and not of getting famous.

As for Mama June, perhaps she thinks McDaniel is completely rehabbed or perhaps she doesn't even believe the molestation charges to begin with. Whatever it is, why would any mom even RISK having their daughter around someone who went to prison for molestation? It's insane!

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Uncle Poodle has also vows:

If I can help it, he will never be in the same room alone with her as long as I am around. June needs to wake up and put her kids' safety before her own sexual needs!

Ugh, what a mess. Mama June really needs realize no man is worth putting your kids in danger -- ever.


Image via JDH Imagez / Splash News

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