Kate Gosselin Claims She Hates Drama as She Prepares for 'Celebrity Apprentice'

Kate GosselinOh good grief. Newly (officially) announced Celebrity Apprentice star Kate Gosselin doesn't believe she's a drama-starter. Instead, she called herself a "strong personality," who was more than ready to take on the show.

Months before Donald Trump's November 4 cast announcement, the Kate Plus 8 star told Us Weekly at a press event for the show last March that she feels that her background prepared her to go far in season seven of The Celebrity Apprentice. That's when she threw in the bit about people being surprised to learn that she's not about the drama.


She sure had us fooled. There's a saying about what it means when drama follows you everywhere -- if you can't get away from it, it may be you. 

Anyway, the 39-year-old mom of eight said she felt right at home taking on this kind of challenge.

"I feel really in my element taking on something like this," she said. "Obviously it's hard to be away from my kids for an extended period, but they're good. They're very supportive." 

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In all fairness to Kate's ability to play nicely with others, she made a self-deprecating joke about her short tenure on season 10 of Dancing With the Stars. She and her partner Tony Dovolani only lasted five episodes, so Kate said of The Celebrity Apprentice, "I'm really excited to sort of take on a competition that I have a chance of doing well at, versus others I've done." Heh.

As to why she thinks she has a fighting chance -- it all comes back to her kids and life as a very famous mom of twins and sextuplets. "I have a business-running personality," she said. "I work for myself. I'm the secretary, the personal assistant, the president, the accountant ... and I run my ship at home as efficiently as possible."

Actually can't argue with her there. Her type A personality keeps her life running as smoothly as possible. Just doesn't keep it drama-free, is all I'm saying.

She also said she's willing to learn from Trump, whose work ethic and family values she "admires." She said, "I'm willing and excited to learn whatever I can."

As for getting along with the other contestants, including Housewives stars Brandi Glanville and Kenya Moore, Gosselin confessed, "I am a strong personality ... But I think what definitely will come out here is that I'm not a pot stirrer, I'm definitely not a drama-starter. Drama gets in the way of getting work done ... And, you know, that's probably going to be surprising to a lot of people. Clearly there's a lot of drama in my life caused by others, but I'm in the business -- instead of stirring it -- of calming it down and putting on the lid."

That remains to be seen, but hey, wonders never cease, right?

Do you think Kate Gosselin will keep a lid on the drama on The Celebrity Apprentice?


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