Jessa Duggar Felt 'Really Embarrassed' by Ben Seewald's Marriage Proposal

Jessa Duggar, Ben SeewaldThanks to social media, we've been watching Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald's courtship and engagement play out over the course of the last year or so, with the icing on the wedding brownies being this last Saturday, November 1, when the two officially tied the knot.

But there's still a lot of behind the scenes stuff we can't wait to watch on 19 Kids and Counting, including how Ben's elaborate proposal to Jessa played out. In this sneak peek released to E! News, it looks like at least part of the scavenger hunt Ben sent Jess on made her incredibly uncomfortable.


In one part of the hunt that would eventually lead to a diamond ring and a boyfriend on bended knee, Ben required Jessa to approach 12 strangers in a park to receive 12 red roses in order to get her next clue.

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The problem? Jessa is incredibly shy, and hates approaching strangers! Jinger Duggar, who accompanied her big sis on her scavenger hunt, said, "Jessa's definitely not a really outgoing person ... she likes to stand back and watch other people do things and stuff ... and not necessarily walk up to complete strangers."

She also said, "This challenge was designed really to have her do something that she would never expect to do."

Jessa later confessed that it was "really embarrassing" for her to collect the roses from the strangers in the park, so what does that mean for her relationship with Ben? Is he really that unaware of his blushing bride's personality that he would put her in an uncomfortable situation?

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I think only to throw her off enough so that he could surprise her with a proposal. After all, if she were busy being uncomfortable about talking to strangers, she wouldn't be thinking about why Ben was sending her on such a romantic goose chase.

Also I think we can be reasonably sure that Ben respects Jessa's strong desire for privacy, after that wedding kiss no show last Saturday. The couple shocked everyone with their decision to have their first kiss in private, behind closed doors, just the two of them, rather than in front of 1000 wedding guests and TLC cameras.

Think they'll be just fine.

Would you be mad if your boyfriend made you do something you didn't like as part of his proposal?


Image via Ben Seewald/Instagram

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