Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Martin Might Not Be as Broken Up as They Say They Are

Over the past two weeks, Jennifer Lawrence was seen driving to Chris Martin’s Malibu home three times. That seems like an awful lot for a couple that has supposedly broken up. But in between these visits from his ex-girlfriend, Chris has also been seeing a lot of one other woman: his ex-wife, Gwyneth Paltrow.

And so, the confusion and speculation continue.


Let’s see: Chris split with Jen on Tuesday but saw her that same night. He spent Wednesday with Gwyneth, Thursday with Jen, Friday with Gwyneth (and the kids), and Saturday with Jen. Hmm ... seeing a pattern here?

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It's hard to tell what exactly is happening here, but I have to admit that I hope Jen moves on and Chris and Gwyneth still have a chance. Gwyneth isn't necessarily the most down-to-earth celeb (especially standing next to Jen, who is easily the "best friend you've always wanted to have"), but in this battle -- and I can’t believe I’m saying this -- I’m 100 percent team Gwyneth. She and Chris have always seemed to respect each other as partners and parents. Gwyneth even went so far as to call Chris “father of the year” last week at the Inspiration Gala for amfAR.

Sure, Jennifer was probably a fun fling during a much-needed break from a 10-year marriage, but it’s time for them to let that go. The couple reportedly broke up because Jen was sick of coming in second behind Chris’s kids. That seems totally fair on her part, but as the smug visage of GP would like to remind her from behind Chris’s shoulder, they’re not going anywhere.

Do you think Chris and Jennifer are really broken up? Who do you hope he ends up with?

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